To Do or Not To Do

How do you keep track of all of things you have to do during the week in addition to your teaching?To Do Listpost it  Do you use a To Do List, post it notes, mental notes, a planner?  I feel like part of being an effective teacher is being organized and I use a To Do List to make sure I get everything done!  I don’t have a fancy template for my To Do List, just a nice note pad from my principal that says From the Desk of Melissa Krumm.  I write things down as I think of them and cross them off when I finish them.  Usually, part way through the week, I have to re-write the list because of all of things that have been crossed off or added!  My goal is to finish the list as early in the week as possible, because there are always new things to add to the list.  But, I don’t like going home on Friday without the list being completed and in the recycling bin, with a blank note pad ready for the next week.  A teacher I work closely with uses Post-It-Notes.  Her desk, computer, and wall next to her desk are covered in post-its.  As she finishes a task, that note goes in the recycling.  This wouldn’t work for me because I’m sure I would lose the post-its, plus it seems like such a disorganized form of organization to me!  But, it works really well for her and we both manage to complete everything we need to do.

How do you stay organized and get everything done?  I am always looking for new ideas and ways to be more organized in my classroom.  I also like fun and creative ways to be organized.  Any suggestions?


**As I was getting on Google+ to link to this post through a couple of communities I belong to, I came across this amazing organization binder plan from Leslie at KindergartenWorks.  Check it out here and follow her on Google+!


About krummme

I have been working with children with special needs in some capacity or other for the last 9 years. I am currently in my third year teaching in a self-contained classroom for students with Intellectual Disabilities. In addition to my classroom responsibilities, I am also a wife and mother. While the jobs of wife and mother bring me the most joy, I get so much out of my work with my students. This blog is the musings of my life.
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2 Responses to To Do or Not To Do

  1. karly beck says:

    I agree about loosing post its! I have been known to loose them between my desk and wall.

  2. Amanda Achenbach says:

    I am a huge list maker also. Nothing fancy but I have to write it down or it will not get done. I for sure agree with you that to be a good teacher you have to be organized.

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